Saturday, 15 November 2014


Kindly pardon us for this late post. But hey the older the better right? LOL.

So Mente de Moda is this really kosher fashion and art festival that holds once in every two months, they basically give small (mostly fashion and art inclined) businesses an open market space to showcase their stuff to a really bubbly, young, free-thinking and unconventional crowd of willing buyers; who will brave the hottest Lagos sun just to be a part of the shopping fun. Add rad music, performances by underground acts, yummy bites and a super charged atmosphere, and you have the coolest fare to have ever happened to Lagos!
Our Rack. We were still setting up though. .

And yes, we were there for the first time on Sunday, October 5th 2014 to showcase our gorgeous pieces to an already Vintage-conscious crowd. We took bags packed with clothes, our clothes-racks, hangers, Alex, and our baddest game faces! LOL. 

There were lovely freebies for our shoppers, and yummy granola bars too. We also held a ridiculous Sale on some of our rad pieces there at the stall. Did I mention that Alex is my gorgeous mannequin? My bad. J 

Many cool brands set up shop at the fare too, from high-street to Vintage vendors, beauty product vendors, Tasty finger licking foods, cocktail mixers and a lot more.

It was a first for us at SOV, one we were too happy to have experienced. It was really amazing to meet all the lovely, and stylish ladies who stopped by and shopped off our racks. It was an uber-successful day for SOV, and we had a rad time. We can’t wait till the next one comes up, can you? It'll be holding come December 21st this year, just in time for all the festive goodness. No, you do not want to be told about it. See you there!

What I wore. 

Happy shoppers at our stall


Totally love this stylish customers outfit
Lovely customer, Orange Soul

Darling Friend and customer of SOV. Notice a view of some of the  other stalls?

Did I mention that our stall came with a dressing room in back? Customer fitting her SOV picks before purchase

Chatting up some of our customers

Admin at SOV

Back view of my dress...Just coz

Till next time darlings, Stay orange. Toodles.


  1. Amazing pieces, I bought some myself. Thanks SOV

  2. soulorangevintage17 November 2014 at 11:24

    Thank you too dear Anonymous.