Monday, 17 November 2014

'And the world kept silent for Solange Knowles'..The Wedding,The Details,The Pictures.

Culled from the internet.
“There is a gift within you, so priceless and rare. No other person exists who has the exact same thing you carry on your inside. Don’t try to water it down so that the world can accept you. Don’t try to cover it up so that you can be like everyone else. Don’t try to share it with someone who cannot understand it. One day someone will find you, who was created for that very gift you carry, and together you will create magic. Stay original, stay Orange, and eventually, the world will make way for you; whoever you are.” SoulOrangeVintage.

If we had to build our brand around one person in this entire universe, she would undisputedly be the living piece of Art called Solange Knowles. We wish we had gotten the chance to express our ‘soul-deep’ obsession for her very essence and eccentric spirit before doing this post. But as you will soon discover, we will be dedicating a number of posts in the future to the celebration of this true orange soul, along with her very individual, artistic and inspiring style.

But today, all we want to do is join the rest of the world to applaud, and appreciate in stunned silence, the artistic genius and raw originality of these two beautiful souls, as they became one in blissful matrimony.
Culled from USweekly

Solange, 28 actually wore a Jaw-dropping pantsuit with a cape and plunging V-neck by Stephane Rolland to her wedding, as she and boyfriend of many years, Alan Ferguson-51 made their arrival to the ceremony on white painted vintage bicycles. Really? Talk about Unconventional!! As for her Humberto Leon for Kenzo wedding dress, we were left completely speechless. We expected Solo to impress us with her creativity as usual, but we couldn’t have seen this artistic orgasm coming!

There was something very surreal and artistic about the entire wedding ceremony that you can tell wasn’t by accident. From the quirky and pleasantly surprising outfits donned by the couple, to the grotesque background where the post-wedding photos were taken, to the elegant all-white themed ceremony, to the amazing vintage inspired, post wedding photographs which were taken by Roy Walker for Vogue magazine. Every beautiful detail came together to form what would seem like a perfect fashion Editorial. But it was a wedding, their wedding. The end result of two artistic souls coming together to celebrate their Love, their Passion and undying love for the unconventional.

Their wedding was much more than a traditional ceremony, in fact there was nothing traditional about it. What this really was, is a message to the world, that the greatest beauty and success comes from walking the road less travelled, from being brutally original no matter how unaccepted it makes you, from refusing to settle for what is available and acceptable, but choosing to create a path that others will eventually admire and follow.

We are in love with everything about this photo

we are in love with this vintage shot of the love birds.

Talk about a stylish couple.

Solo and Alan, their own kind of beautiful.

Disclaimer: All photos were culled from the internet, especially from Vogue, eonline and usweekly.


  1. I keep wondering why beyonce is the king when solo is alive. Are ppl jst so blind in this generation. Solange is everything!

  2. You are not alone...I am in love with everything....

  3. soulorangevintage17 November 2014 at 11:20

    Thank you for commenting Kevwe.

  4. soulorangevintage17 November 2014 at 11:21

    yes, Ecama. I have never been able to understand it. but I am certain even Beyonce recognized true greatness today.

  5. soulorangevintage17 November 2014 at 11:22

    King Solange indeed! Thanks for reading Nneka