Friday, 2 January 2015


So we did mention in our recent posts that we hadn't blogged in so long because of some projects that we had been working on for some time, well..(drum roll please) voila!!! We are thrilled to unveil to you, the exclusive photos from our very first look-book which we titled 'Orange Soul' after the brand.

Since our inception in January 2014, we had yet to formally introduce the brand creatively, as a treasure trove, the perfect destination for all true vintage lovers, and others with an eye for timeless, eccentric, one-of-a-kind stylish pieces. Thus, we created the Orange Soul Look-book, and what better way to begin 2015? Happy New year darling.

Set against our beloved brand theme of burnt orange and a vintage monochrome layout, the Look-book features a timeless collection of sophisticated vintage blouses and jackets, exclusive cocktail vintage dresses, stylish retro dresses, colorful; eccentric vintage blazers and bold retro prints.

We are so excited to finally be able to unveil this Look-book to you, we put in everything to create a Look-book that said all the things we couldn't quite say with words. 
We worked with an excellent team of highly talented creatives to birth this work of Art, and we hope you enjoy every bit of it as much as we enjoyed creating it. 

All items are available for order, subject of course to availability, but hey, vintage pieces are one-of (one piece only) so hurry, items selling out fast : ) 
We've named every piece in the look-book to help you identify them, look out for the size/description guide for each item below. You'll also find our contact details below.

What's your favorite look? We'd really love to hear what you think in the comments.


Contact Information

Instagram :@soulorangevintage

BBM : 7e1cb05a


1)Esmé     2)Scarlett 



    1)Ivan (Jacket)   2)Enzo (Waist-coat)

1)Ivan     2)Enzo



1) Roxanne     2)Fay (Head-wrap)



1) Billie-Jae      2)Cleo (Beret)

1) Billie-Jae     2) Cleo (Beret)

1) Jade     2) Cleo (Beret)

1)Adam    2) Enzo










1)August (Blouse)      2) Morgan (Skirt)

1) August(Blouse)  2)  Morgan(Skirt)








Photo Credits

Photography: AriLabadi Photography

Models: Bidemi Awotale, Victoria Osuagwu, Samuel Asa'ah

Make-up Artist: Omaosas for BlendMakeovers

Stylist: Chinedu Obiano for Soul Orange Vintage

Creative Direction: Chinedu Obiano for Soul Orange Vintage and Ari Labadi

Sizing and Descriptions
1) Scarlett: Size 8. This is a stunning, head-turning wrap dress which opens up in a thigh-high slit in front. With pleat details in front, and a long V-neck collar, this beautiful silk dress will get everyone green with envy.

2) Esmé : Size 10/12/14. This beautiful, 60's dress features a deep wine colour with white polka-dots. It is a pleated dress with a tie-collar so you can tie it to any side or form a bow. It also has a tie on the waist that allows you to cinch in the waist as much as you want. It has a polyester, stretchy fabric that nicely moulds the shape of the wearer. 

3) Ivan: Size 12 .This stylish double-breasted jacket comes in hip-length, it has a gorgeous colour and a very stylish low V-cut. It features vintage buttons on both sides, as well as large pockets on either side of the hips.

4) Enzo: Size 12 .This quirky, unisex waist-coat features vibrant retro prints, a bold colour and luxurious silk fabric. Can be adjusted for a snug fit from behind.

5) Phoebe: Size 10. This is a stylish, boxy, layered dress which features a matching waist belt, unique print and button-up details at the top back. 

6) Roxanne:Size 8.  Extremely beautiful,curve-moulding lace dress which features silver bead clusters all round, and beaded sleeves.

7) Fay: Turquoise and silver vintage velvet head-wrap with all round twist detail

8) Blake: Size 12/14. Bold and stylish gold coloured, floral print, button-up blouse. Features black elastic band at the cuffs.

9) Billie-Jae: Size 10(can only be worn as a dress by a size small) Very peculiar, stylish jacket/dress.

10) Cleo: Stylish, monochrome, hounds tooth beret.

11) Jade: Size 12. This stunning teal jacket/blouse features a sweetheart neck-line and unique vintage buttons.

12) Adam: Size 14 .Plaid, unisex vintage waist-coast with adjustable back.

13) India: Size 12. Unbelievably stunning, intricately beaded blouse, featuring exquisite extra pearl beading on the bodice.

14) Iris: Size 12. Amazing off-shoulder fitted cocktail dress featuring a very peculiar detailing on the bodice, and a sexy long slit behind.

15) Dawn: Size 12/14. Quirky, stylish over sized silk shirt-dress

16) Imogen: Size 12. Very sophisticated, One-of a kind see-through foil jacket featuring floral imprints.

17) Bailey: Size 8/10. Gorgeous two-tone midi dress, featuring a sexy V-neck printed bodice, and a fitted lower end with stylish buttons.

18) Penelope: Size 12. Fabulous, slinky cocktail dress with monochrome bead work on the side, and a firm stretchy fabric that perfectly sculpts the curves.

18) August: Size 10. Stylish, leopard skin retro crop top.

19) Morgan: Size 8/10(can be worn by a size 12 with a size 10 waist) Stylish, vintage high-waist leather skirt featuring full pleats and midi length.

20) Thorn: Size 10/12. Edgy, oversize, stylish printed button-up jacket which features 3 front pockets with unique leather detailing.

21) Chase: Size 10/12. This monochrome, gingham vintage jacket is everything, it features stylish black piping detailing, and the most beautiful vintage buttons at the top and bottom.

22)Vaughn: Size 12/14. Sexy, stylish and edgy silk striped jacket, featuring a stylish long lapel, front pockets and a trendy hip length.

23) Eden: Size 12/14. Unique, stylish see-through jacket/blouse, features an oversize silk collar, beautiful silk imprinted patterns, and a rad dress length.

24) Grey: Size 16. Overly stylish, double-breasted, oversize plaid jacket. Features button detailing, pockets and a really cool below-hip length.



  1. This is beautiful, 'Nedu. I love these pieces. Vintage and retro pieces never looked so good.

  2. Lovely pieces and amazing styling!

    1. Thank you so much .we are pleased you like. Kindly follow/add us up.

  3. True soul and depth! I absolutely love! Well done!

  4. Wow! First Look-book Looking Like the 10th.
    Swear, this is so awesome.
    I'm properLy proud of you n.
    Remember, nowhere but up!

    1. My darling, your comment moves me...Thank you

  5. Very nice pieces. Love the chase and phoebe look alot.

    Well done.

    1. Gigi, Thank you so much babe. wanna place an order?

  6. Thank you so much Tomi.. we are thrilled that you love them

  7. Amazing pieces... Good styling and sharp photography...
    My favourite look is Enzo... Billie Jae is next... Jade and Chase follow.
    I also like the Cleo beret.
    Job well done SOV.

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