Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Introducing The 'Orange Soul' Series : Ezinne Chinkata

We are uber excited to introduce to you, our 'OrangeSoul' Series...

Okay, so in line with our promise at the very beginning of the blog, to reveal to you the many facets of our brand even as we discover them for ourselves, we will be introducing a number of exciting series here on the blog. Yaay, Get excited!!

Where better to begin than with the aptly titled Orange Soul Series?..where we celebrate Creative and Artistic souls who use fashion as a means to create Art.

I mean we love trends, they are quick, safe and catchy. But here we will celebrate the brave ones, the ones who are strong willed enough to break boundaries, to redefine the norm, to create Art through dressing, and who look so good while at it. Their fashion mirrors their depth and eccentric personalities, and is hardly trend focused.

Dear Orange Soul, we love you, for going places the others won't dare to.

We start off the series with the extraordinary Ezinne Chinkata, Owner of luxury boutique,Zinkata; Stylist, celebrity image consultant and all round amazing person 

Ezinne is one woman who can knock us out unconscious, and bring us to life at the very same time. The very definition of meteoric, she speaks a fashion language not Many can understand. But here at SOV, we certainly hear you ma'am..and today, we celebrate your inexhaustible style genius.

Here..Enjoy. Tell us what you think about her  eccentric style in the comments. Us? we are simply in awe.

Check out Ezinne's Instagram page : zinkata1

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