Tuesday, 30 December 2014

AMAZING times at the december edition of Mente De Moda on Sunday the 21st

We'll start by saying a big sorry to you for staying away for so long, we never intended to go cold on you. but we got so tied up in a number of time consuming projects for the brand, but we are back with some real juicy content, posts and pictures, every bit worth the wait, Yes, get excited!!

But first let me tell you about how much fun we had on Sunday the 21st, last week at the Mente de Moda fashion and Art festival. We told you about the October edition where we set up shop for the very first time, if that was good, this edition was even better. We got to the venue in good time and took up a pretty decent stall, where we quickly set up our props, Alex our beautiful mannequin, and our clothes racks full of fabulous pieces.

Our stall

Chilling with Alex

Its always exciting when we showcase our pieces at the Mente De Moda  fashion fare, there's tons of vendors carrying everything and a really cool crowd of fashion/Art shoppers, and others who really just wanna hang. This time I noticed a fully set up interior decor stall, complete with furniture, a cocktail bar, and lounge, food vendors and quite a number of other retailers. Its really the perfect opportunity to get to meet our darling loyal customers (shout-out to you guys) and make lots of new ones. It helped that we set up our stall with a changing room and really comfy cushions to relax in, so that they could take their time to try on whatever caught their attention and chill too.

Did I mention that we had a shocking N1000 sale at the stall? Fabulous pieces for giveaway prices, yes, that happened too.

Just in case you aren't already itching to be a part of the next one come February next year, as a vendor or shopper, or just to hang out.. these photos should convince you...and when you do, come say hi at the SOV stall. : )

Our stellar SOV branded shopping bags on display.

Anwuli, beautiful and calm. Our first customer, she liked it? she bought it!

Vicky, our friend and customer; she was sooo helpful and sweet, and oh yes her gorgeous skirt is from SOV.

Sexy Amina trying on one of her fave pieces.

Dakore, we were stall mates of some sorts..and yeah, Alex photo bombed. Go girl!

The adorable Akandes hung at our stall too, No really.
Mirabel came through with her friends

Ella, we fell in love with her slouchy blogger-inspired style. and pretty much everything else.

Gorgeous Ella couldn't get enough, and we couldn't get enough either, of her boho style, and her perfect Sofia Vegara accent.

Looking at some of the other stalls

Toyo!!She left feeling like she got too-good-to-be-true bargains(her words)


I wonder what Alex was thinking


Our friend Mr Lamikay came through to show us love, He didn't come alone


Ella and adorable Adanna

Jennifer(photo bombed by yours truly)..Lord knows what I was looking at



Beautiful vintage brogues..which by the way, are still available.

Through Alex' eyes

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